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Scoring Central - amateur composers forum
Scoring Central is a forum hosted by Mattias Westlund, creator of Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra. The forum is currently a small, friendly and supportive community. I can’t come up with a better description than that provided by Mattias himself so I’ll just quote him:

Scoring Central is a forum for all virtual orchestration enthusiasts; hobbyists, amateurs, semi-professionals and professionals alike. Here you can discuss everything from composing and music theory to sample libraries, plugins, DAW’s, audio interfaces, sampling, mixing and lots more. You are also welcome to post your own tracks in the User Music subforum.

I’m a moderator there and I visit the forum daily. If you want to discuss virtual orchestration, sampling, plugins, anything to do with making orchestral music using your computer along with free or low cost sample libraries and free or low cost VST plugins, the Scoring Central forum is a good place to do that.

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