Need Your Love
by Barry Onyett, Paul Battersby

From Barry:

My motivation for this song is a bit out there. I had recently been listening to a Beach Boys song called “Baby Blue” which I have always loved since it was originally released in the late 1970’s. Not that there is any real connection between the songs, but listening to that Beach Boys song put me in the frame of mind to write this song about the fictitious woman named Baby Blue.

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Need Your Love
Lyrics by: Barry Onyett

Love to see you,
in the moonlight
when the stars are shining bright

See you smiling,
hear your laughter
on this endless summer night

I need your love
I need your love

Girl your eyes,
make me lost
when you look at me like that

Keep on dancing,
keep on movin’
’till the early morning light


Come the morning,
in the rain
will you still be around

In the darkest corner,
of my mind,
I know where you’ll be found


Barry Onyettsongwriting, lead vocals, backing vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar
Paul Battersbyrhythm guitar, piano, drums, mixing

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