Walk On Fire
by Tom Tognaci, Paul Battersby

A Classic Rock style song. Tom let me take his original single guitar and vocals version and turn it into this full band version.

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Walk On Fire
Lyrics by Tom Tognaci

Baby, I’m wanting you
Baby, I’m needing you
I want your touch
But, maybe, that’s not enough….

Where does the passion go
When a storm blows out the fire?
Cold rain is all you throw
While I’m burning in desire

Fan the open flames
Stoke the heart’s desire
Take a walk on me
And you’ll walk on fire


Baby, I’m loving you
Baby, I count on you
Babe, before you give up on me,
I hope you’ll think it through…


Do you feel like letting go?
Well, baby, you gotta know
You take a walk on me
You walk on fire

I’m burning in desires flames
While the tempest in you reigns
But, if you’re walking on me
I won’t make it easy
It’s gonna get hot when you walk on fire

Tom Tognacisong writing, guitar, vocals
Paul Battersbydrums, bass, organ, mixing
Visit Tom Tognaci at SoundClick

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