Leaving Footprints
by Dave Semple, Paul Battersby

Be sure to check out the big finish to this song. Somewhat like you might hear from a Bon Jovi power ballad.

From Dave:

“You left a footprint” is a phrase I use with my kids when they do something nice for people, me included. It comes from a story I heard in Sunday school when I was a kid about how, when we are nice to people, we leave a footprint in the sand of their memory; hence, the title. The song is about how even when days are shitty, my kids remind me to have fun and not take it all so seriously… Leaving Footprints.

Dave Semplesong writing, lead vocals, harmony, clean guitar, distortion guitar,piano
Paul Battersbydrums, 1st violins, 2nd violins, viola, flute, clarinet, bass guitar, church organ, conga drums
Bruce Valerianiprofessional mixing and production donated by Bruce at Blue Bear Sound
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