Morning of the Battle
by Paul Battersby

A short story I created in parallel with working on the music. For some reason I began to wonder what it might be like for an ancient family waking up on the morning a battle is to be fought. It occurred to me, that story could fit the music I was writing so I put the two together.

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Morning of the Battle
Lyrics by: Paul Battersby

Not lyrics but here is the text of the story as it appears in the video:

Centuries ago …
A small village awakens to the rising sun
on the morning a battle is to be fought

Lost in silent thought, families share a
somber meal. The unspoken truth is
that not everyone returns from battle.

The time has come. A father bids
farewell to his children. A husband
shares a final embrace with his wife.

The same ritual plays out at the
threshold of many homes as each
family fears they may have shared
their last moment together.

A sad reality sets in when each warrior
must turn his back to his home and face
toward the upcoming battle.

Huddled in doorways, families are
unable to turn away. Fathers/husbands
glance over their shoulders for one last
glimpse of those they must leave behind.

Gathered at the edge of the village,
men check their weapons, greet their
fellow soldiers and focus their attention
on the fighting that awaits them.

With great anticipation, the assembled
army begins the long march toward the
battle field, cresting a hill and receding
from the view of those left behind.

Now alone, worried families are left
with the final sight of an empty field
wondering who will return.

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8 comments on “Morning of the Battle
by Paul Battersby
  1. Te escribo desde Colombia. Déjame decirte que es un trabajo realmente asombroso, maravilloso!!! Suena realmente bien. Una pregunta: tienes Patreon??? Con mucho gusto te ayudaría. Sigue así, gran trabajo.

    TRANSLATION: I write to you from Colombia. Let me tell you that it is a really amazing job, wonderful !!! It sounds really good. One question: do you have Patreon ??? I would gladly help you. Keep it up, great job.

    • Thank you very much. I do not have Patreon, but I greatly appreciate the offer to help.

      TRANSLATION: Muchas gracias. No tengo Patreon, pero aprecio mucho la oferta de ayuda.

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