Morning of the Battle
by Paul Battersby

A short musical story I created in parallel with working on the music. For some reason I began to wonder what it might be like for an ancient family waking up on the morning a battle is to be fought. It occurred to me, that story could fit the music I was writing so I put the two together.

Paul Battersbyoriginal composition, orchestra (from Virtual Playing Orchestra sample library), piano, taiko drums, story, video
YouTube video
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8 comments on “Morning of the Battle
by Paul Battersby
  1. Te escribo desde Colombia. Déjame decirte que es un trabajo realmente asombroso, maravilloso!!! Suena realmente bien. Una pregunta: tienes Patreon??? Con mucho gusto te ayudaría. Sigue así, gran trabajo.

    TRANSLATION: I write to you from Colombia. Let me tell you that it is a really amazing job, wonderful !!! It sounds really good. One question: do you have Patreon ??? I would gladly help you. Keep it up, great job.

    • Thank you very much. I do not have Patreon, but I greatly appreciate the offer to help.

      TRANSLATION: Muchas gracias. No tengo Patreon, pero aprecio mucho la oferta de ayuda.

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