When I Get Over You
by Neal Klassen, Paul Battersby

From Neal:

My dad sang in Barbershop Quartets so, through him, I learned to appreciate the work of Irving Berlin and other great songwriters of that era.

This is my attempt to write that kind of song: simple words, soaring melody, unabashedly sentimental… with lots of open vowels for the singer to play with.

As I was working on the orchestration for this song, I tried to imagine the singer on the stage, singing this as part of a popular Broadway show, with the musicians in the orchestra pit. I saw a few musicals as a kid, so working on this song takes me back in time. It would be a dream come true if I could compose musical accompaniment for something that would appear in a musical.

NOTE: this was originally published on Apr 5, 2015 but reworked to use the new Virtual Playing Orchestra sample library.

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When I Get Over You
Lyrics by: Neal Klassen

You’ll see me dance, you’ll hear me laugh
You’ll know that I’ve torn up your photograph
These are the things I’m going to do
When I get over you
When I get over you

I’ll stand up tall, I’ll smile again
I’ll tell myself to stop remembering when
The love we shared was all I knew
When I get over you
When I get over you

So many plans I’ve got to make
So many chances I’ve got to take
I don’t know if I’ll have the time to cry
So much more love I’ve got to give
So much more life I’ve got to live
I don’t know if I can but I will try

You’ll be surprised, I’ll be so strong
I’ll show the world that I can carry on
And then I’ll find somebody new
When I get over you
When I get over you
When I get over you

Neal Klassensongwriting, piano
Barb Klassen vocals
Paul Battersbyflute, oboe, clarinet, 1st violin, 2nd violin, viola, cello, trumpet, french horn, trombone, tuba, glockenspiel (all from Virtual Playing Orchestra sample library), mixing
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10 comments on “When I Get Over You
by Neal Klassen, Paul Battersby
  1. Love this! Just a piano and voice teacher who happened onto your site and found some rather nice tunes. Thanks so much for the work you have done. Stay tuned! 🎶

    • > Is a MIDI of this project possible to experiment with DAW?

      No, but if you want some free MIDI files to play with in your DAW, perhaps try this web site: freemidi.org

      > Fantastic your work


  2. This is a kind of Broadway musical signature song, so Paul puts symphony orchestra wind and brass from flute to tuba and string section voices behind and acheives a theatricality that was otherwise lacking.

    • “Broadway musical signature song” is precisely why I wanted to work on this song (besides the obvious great vocals and piano composition). I wanted to try orchestrating a song in that style.

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