Yesterday Was A Good Day
by Tommy Collins, Paul Battersby

Tommy posted this Rock song and commented that he thought something was missing. I offered to add some drums and then later had the idea to add a few more parts to it.

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Yesterday Was A Good Day
Lyrics by: Tommy Collins

Carry a bag of mixed emotions
Hearts in heaven, souls in hell
Does anyone hear when I yell?

Woke up with a new attitude
Done with you & the things you do
This fresh air now fills my lungs

Yesterday, I swear I heard your heart beat
Think I even heard angels sing
Yesterday as you were leaving me
My heart broke open, my soul flew free
Yesterday was a good day
Oh, yesterday was a good day

For way too long, walked on eggshells
Worrying ’bout how you’d feel
Guess you thought I had nerves of steel

All them days just ran together
Minutes seemed to last forever
Now I like how the fresh air feels


Can’t live for others I realize
It only ends in goodbyes
No matter how hard you try
Gotta catch your breath some times

(chorus 2x)

Tommy Collinssong writing, vocals, guitars, bass guitar, mixing
Paul Battersby1st violins, 2nd violins, violas, cellos, drums, organ, mixing
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