One Too Many
by Paul Tarle, Paul Battersby

A sad, country-ish, piano based ballad. From Paul Tarle:

I wrote this song about a guy who has an epiphany about his life after a harmless conversation with a waitress at a bar. I hope you enjoy it!

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One Too Many
Lyrics by: Paul Tarle

Copyright 2015 Tennyson Road Music

The patrons in the bar were getting kind of blurred
My waitress thinking hard about showing me the door
She said “I called a cab, he’s right outside”
“You’ve had one too many – you should call this night a night”

The taxi ride home gave me time to think
And I realised she had it right about one thing

I’ve had one too many heartaches
Heard one too many lies
Spent one too many 2 a.m.’s
Where I’ve laid awake and cried
One too many teardrops have
Fallen from my eyes
And love has disappeared on me
One too many times

We pulled up to my townhouse, not a light inside was lit
I got out and thanked the driver – .. gave him a fiver for a tip
This house is just a place now, not a home
And I’ve got to learn to face this life of living on my own

Soon I’ve got Jack Daniels in my hand
And all too often he’s my only friend

I’ve had one too many heartaches
One too many lies
One too many 2 a.m.’s
I’ve laid awake and cried
I’ve come up empty-handed
While reaching for the light
And love has left me stranded here
One too many times

I only blame myself for all this hurt
And I know I wrote the book on good excuses
But when I’m added to the mix in this big world
I’m the first one to admit
That it has one too many losers

One too many heartaches
One too many lies
One too many 2 a.m.’s
I break down – I can’t lie
Like an oak tree I fell victim
To cruel lightning strikes
Love has split this heart in two
One too many times

Yeah, love has split my heart in two
One too many times

Paul Tarlesongwriting, vocals, piano, strings, bass. mixing
Paul Battersbydrums, mixing
Hear the original version on soundcloud

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