This page is a list of links to tips, tutorials for composing, orchestration, perhaps mixing etc. that I want to keep. It’s a dumping ground of links that I might turn into blog posts in the future but for now, I want to save them some place safe. (most recently added links will be at the top)

Also check out my blog posts for other links like these but with a summary or more elaborate description to accompany the links there.

Turn Your Loops Into Full Compositions!
How to take a small section of music, use fragments from that initial idea and expand it into a full composition.

How to Write for Orchestra: That Big Symphonic Sound
Some useful tips to keep in mind on “How to orchestrate your music to get that big, Hollywood, symphonic sound. Sound like a Hollywood composer with good orchestration.

Paul McCartney Reveals his Songwriting Secrets (audio interview) – Not a tutorial, but an interesting interview with Paul McCartney about his songwriting process and how he got started writing original music back in his earliest days.

How to Develop a Motif into a Full Piece! (video)
– TableTop Composer demonstrates a useful technique in the form of a template for taking a short musical idea and expanding it to a full length piece of music. Click here for the documentation that goes along with the video.

Epic action trailer music | A quick tutorial (video)
– Erik W gives “A quick tutorial on how you can create a generic orchestral “epic action trailer” style type of soundtrack, just using a few tracks!

FROM PIANO TO FULL ORCHESTRA IN 10 MINS – How to orchestrate a piano chord progression (video)
– GBR MUSIC starts with a simple piano chord progression, then orchestrates it starting with bass root notes, cello a 5th above, violins playing arpeggiated chords and a french horn melody.

How To Write Epic String Staccatos in 5 Minutes (video)
– Alex Moukala goes through this very quickly but there are some good tips for creating interesting and dynamic ostinato patterns.

Take ANY 4 Chords and Make Them Epic (video)
– “Steve B Music” starts with a very familiar 4 chord piano progression, adds a few orchestral elements and turns it into something far more epic and interesting.

How to Write Music for TV – Song Structure (video)
– Nick Murray shows his formula for music cues for TV
– he demonstrates ABA and ABC type formats

How to Write a Song in 5 Minutes on the Piano (video)
– Pianote offers some quick tips on taking a simple chord progression, making a short melody and altering the melody to expand the composition

The rule of 3 for melody (article)
– Ryan Leach from envatotuts+ discusses melody idea, repetition, variation as applied to a motif

The rule of 3 for orchestration (article)
– Ryan Leach from envatotuts+ discusses organizing orchestration into no more than 3 layers, often just 2 layers with score and audio examples.

How I Make Epic Cinematic Music. Live Orchestral Composing Tutorial with Olexandr Ignatov (video)
– Olexandr demonstrates some live composing with commentary (lasts about an hour)