Recommended Instruments

Listed below are sources of other free instruments that I have used in my compositions and a description of any alterations I made if I created my own custom version. I’m not able to share my custom versions so I will instead recommend these full versions available for download from their original source.


Salamander Grand Piano

Linked above is the full version, with 16 velocity layers, hammer sounds and release samples. I created a custom stripped down, smaller version of the library for myself with only 8 velocity layers, no hammer sounds and no release samples.


Ample Guitar M Lite

I found this handy when I hurt my thumb and was unable to record myself playing a real guitar. It’s good for strumming and finger picking and has multiple built in strumming rhythms.

Bass Guitar

Ample Bass P Lite

I’ve tried a few virtual bass guitars and this is the one I use exclusively now. It supports the use of fingers and a pick. Note that it seems to be about 30-40 cents sharp so you might want to add a pitch shift plugin to fix that.

Drum Kit

MT Power Drumkit

I started with the above instrument then sampled it so I had individual samples that I could place in my own .sfz based instrument. I then replaced the kick drum and cymbals with other samples and lowered the pitch of the toms by 2 semi-tones creating my own custom drum kit.

Taiko Drums

SCC Taiko Drums

I found myself typically using more than one drum sample at a time for a bigger sound so I created my own Taiko drums instrument by combining all the samples into one of 4 groups, such that all the samples within a group would always play at the same time. The 4 groups I created are Booms, Hits, Rims, and Crash. So for example, when I hit a key on the keyboard, all the Booms play at the same time to sound like a group of Taiko drummers working together.

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    • I’d be very surprised if there is a way to make these work in a synthesizer. They are meant to be loaded into a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) running on Windows, a Mac or perhaps Linux.

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