Poisoned Stain
by Tom Tognaci, Paul Battersby

A sort of dark foreboding song which tells a cautionary tale …

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Poisoned Stain
Lyrics by Tom Tognaci

Heed the warnings, down that lonely road
Watch for signs along that dark highway
Many men have been to her abode
None, the same’s, ever came back this way

In the hunger of the night, she’ll wait
Behind lies designed to comfort you
Once her legs are wrapped around your fate
Forever will she stain your virtue……..

…She’s got razors in her eyes
She’s got vice flowing in her veins
Holds the keys to where death resides
She leaves a poisoned stain

Keep yourself a pocket full of stones
She’s the kind you do not kiss and tell
If she gets her chance to jump your bones
You’ll curse the day you didn’t run like hell…


Tom Tognacisong writing, vocals, rhythm guitars, lead guitars
Paul Battersbydrums, bass, organ, mixing
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One comment on “Poisoned Stain
by Tom Tognaci, Paul Battersby
  1. This song is dark but a bit bare in the original. Waves of Paul’s orchestration float, surge and sparkle highlights behind vocals and guitar making the darkness richer.

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