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On this page, I want to show a sample of the difference between the original version of a few songs and how each sounded after I made some additions. The purpose to this, is so that when I ask someone if I can add to their song, they can get a clear idea what I’ve done with other songs. For each song I’ve ever worked on, I felt fortunate to be able to start with a song that was already good before I came along.

Some of the music pages on this web site include a link to the original version of the song before I worked on it but here is a small sampling of a few songs, each song in a different style, each with a different selection of instruments added.

In each case, I’ve attempted to match the volume of the before version to that of the after version so that both versions at least peak at the same volume for a fair comparison. (click the song title to visit the page with the full finished version of each song)



Walk on Fire
by Tom Tognaci, Paul Battersby

This is an example of a song that started out as a good 1+1 song (1 instrument + 1 vocal) and was turned into a full band recording.

My additions: drums, bass guitar and an organ.

Tom also provided more vocals for the “after” version. Then I created the final mix.

Before (36 sec. sample):

After (36 sec. sample):



Orange And Bronze Colored Waltz
by Tom Gibson, Paul Battersby

This is another guitar + vocals song that was turned into a full production.

My additions: drums, bass, strings and flute

Before (41 sec. sample):

After (41 sec. sample):



No Way To Live
by Josh Howatt, Paul Battersby

This is an example of what was already a complete, full band song, that still needed just a little something extra. It already had strings but the strings needed to be more so I replaced the existing string section with a new one after Josh sent me a version of his mix without his strings. I then took Josh’s mix, adding my part and remixed the result.

My addition: strings

Before (35 sec. sample):

After (35 sec. sample):



Red Nose
by Gustavo Lopez, Paul Battersby

This is an example of a good piano instrumental that was enhanced by the addition of full orchestration.

My addition: full orchestra.

Before (48 sec. sample):

After (48 sec. sample):

10 comments on “Before & After
  1. Hello, I am really outside the music. I dance kiz and latinos but … By the way You did impressive jobs on the songs. Thank You for sharing. I see also that it is not easy at all to improvise a song remake or re-arrange. Sometimes i ear some songs that would be great to dance in kiz especially few italians one (where about i live) that would be appreciated here. May be i’ll try. THANK YOU. Stefano

  2. Hello there!
    I’ve listened to your examples and… well, nothing to say really; very good and impressive work!
    However and while listening to the first track I came with a very crazy idea:
    See: I have a song with the lyriks and a musical snipet of how it would sound if recorded. So do you mean that if I send you myself while singing with my guitar and if I give you enough information, you could, say, create a song when I don’t have no more than a guitar? If yes, that’s so fantastic!
    I’d like to stay in touch with you in case of we could do something just like that.
    Thanks so much in advance!
    Kind regards,

    • If you are a good singer / guitar player, have the ability to make a good recording and it’s a good song that inspires me (I’m able to hear extra music in my head when I listen) then there is a chance I could do something with it.

  3. Excellent before and after examples.

    Your examples also demonstrate how good arrangement skills can enhance the delivery and performance of a song. Well done indeed!

    • Thanks John. Sorry it took me so ridiculously long to thank you for your comment. I’m not sure why that happened.

  4. Very tasteful work! You really did a remarkable job, especially with “No Way to Live” and “Red Nose”. The strings were a bit on the heavy side in the mix on “No Way to Live” for my taste, but it’s still really well done. Nice of you to give artists an idea of what things they can do to punch up their stuff. Thanks so much for sharing your work, both with the orchestral sample library and the Before and After examples. Much gratitude.

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