Orange And Bronze Colored Waltz
by Tom Gibson, Paul Battersby

I was initially drawn to this song by the name alone. I had to hear what an orange and bronze colored waltz was. I wasn’t disappointed. Very poetic and symbolic lyrics in this one.

From Tom:

It’s a vision piece lyrically, because that’s how we experience a sunset.

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Orange And Bronze Colored Waltz
Lyrics by Tom Gibson

The most beautiful girl in the village
Was taking the sun for a walk
The day turned into evening
In an orange and bronze colored waltz
They strolled thru the sand weathered mountains
Silhouette cactus and palms
But the blues watch deserved its relieving
By the orange and bronze colored waltz

Hi dee dee Hi
and it rises
Hi dee dee hi
and it falls
The earth and the moon turned in circles
‘Round an orange and bronze colored waltz

With vision as true as gun barrels
Sighting down worn desert walls
Bloody but still faintly breathing
The orange and bronze colored waltz
The ring the sun gave her turned moonlight
She feared his promise was false
But the love in her heart kept beating
An orange and bronze colored pulse


She went home and dreamt of her lover
As the Sun and Mimosa, Chagall
She held his embrace for the healing
Of his orange and bronze colored fall
The earth is the girl in the village
She’s dressed for the sun in chiffons
The moon’s only there for the dreaming
As they waltz thru the orange and bronze


Tom Gibsonsong writing, guitar, vocals
Paul Battersbydrums, bass guitar, 1st violin, 2nd violin, viola, cello, string bass, flute, piccolo, mixing, video
YouTube video
Audio only

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