by Nielson, Baldwin, Emond, Battersby

From Samuel Nielson:

A peaceful, hopefully emotional piece

I started out planning to use a full orchestra but it didn’t take me long to realize this song needed a smaller softer approach so I decided to limit myself to solo instruments : a string quartet, woodwinds and a harp all from my Virtual Playing Orchestra sample library.

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Lyrics by: Suzann Baldwin

All the mist on the ground,
grey spreading all around,
is just a lost cloud that has found
a quiet place to sleep.
Leaving the bed unmade.
Waiting for pain to fade.
I always thought the plans we made
were promises that you would keep.

Fear makes my blood run cold
in every shade of blue
I can’t stop my mind from running
back to you.

Saw a doll in a tree.
Sadly she looked at me.
Tattered eyes, hair caught in a breeze.
Misguided fantasy.
Give me the time I spent,
those days that came and went,
I was waiting dumb and silent,
for your rehearsed apology.


I watch as sorrow comes,
so dark and bittersweet,
while all the things you never said
lay silent at my feet.
Fear makes my blood run cold
in every shade of blue
I can’t stop my mind from running
running forever back to you.

Samuel Nielsonpiano composition, melody
Suzann Baldwinlyrics
Gregg Emondvocals
Paul Battersbyflute, oboe, clarinet, 1st violin, 2nd violin, viola, cello, harp, mixing


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

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