The Dream
by David Becker, Paul Battersby

This is a mellow song that Dave wrote during a time when friends and family were dealing with illness. I liked it as soon as I heard it and with Dave’s permission, I contributed some tracks of my own.

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The Dream
by David S. Becker © 2013 All Rights Reserved

Verse 1
Well I’m Walking
Down a narrow road
I’m Carrying
Such a heavy load
I’m losing my breath
Trying not to fall behind
I’m Struggling
To Stay within the lines

Verse 2
A weight it lifts
No more need to fight
A blast of air
And a radiant light
I’m for once at ease
As the air it fills my lungs
The pain is gone
My body and mind go numb

But I can’t escape
From this nightmare
Why must I have to wake
This existence I’d forsake
I’ve survived too long
In this hospice
In my dream I’m set free
It’s where I want to be

I want to go home
There’s nothing here for me
But pain & misery
I need to go home
Won’t someone set me free
Take these shackles off of me

Well I have a pulse
My heart’s beating
I can take a breath
I’m breathing
But the pain it’s never easing
And to suffer there’s no reason

Verse 3
I am sleeping
With a peaceful ease
No bitter cold
Just a soothing breeze
There’s a voice that’s faint
Shouting “stay with me”
A shock to the chest
Why can’t they let me be

Repeat Pre-chorus
Repeat Chorus

David Beckersong writing, lead vocals, harmony vocals, guitar tracks x 3
Paul Battersbyflute, piccolo, 1st violin, 2nd violin, viola, cello, drums, bass, mixing

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