Fly Like A Bird
by Joel Sattler, Kevin Skiles, Paul Battersby

When I first heard this song I liked the melody and the instrumentation of the original version but what really got me was the style of the vocals. Apparently Kevin (the singer/guitar player) sang Opera for 30 years but likes to sing Folk now.

This song presented a particular challenge for me in that I wanted to use full orchestra for it but it just wasn’t sounding right and the instincts that I was fighting, gave me the feeling that what I mostly needed to add was strings playing chords but that just seemed too plain to me. Then I remembered what I read as I was researching tips on creativity years ago and one tip was to limit yourself to a subset of instruments. Sometimes that adds focus rather than having too many choices. Once I chose to restrict my instruments to strings and a solo flute (and stop fighting my instincts), I knew I was on the right path for this song.

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Fly Like A Bird
Lyrics by: Joel Sattler

How many times have I heard you say
All you want is your life all you ask for each day
Is to fly like a bird never to fall
To be free as the air to climb over every wall

And if I could I would give you the sky
I would stand on the ground and I’d watch you fly

And if you flew a way never seen a gain
I would stay here for you as your for ever friend

Fly little lady fly like a bird
Fly may be fly like a bird


But you’ll never soar and you’ll never fly
No matter the wish, no matter the try
We are rooted to earth, we are creatures of land
To live on the soil, and be buried in sand

But if somehow, you could spread your wings
And take to the sky, I would sing as you sing
So never the less, no matter the end
Whatever occurs, I’m your forever friend

Fly little lady, lady do fly
If you fly like a bird, don’t ask why

Joel Sattlerlyrics
Kevin Skilesvocals, guitars
Paul Battersby1st violins, 2nd violins, violas, cellos, string bass, flute, piccolo, mixing
YouTube video
Audio only

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Note: the above, is my own personal mix of the song. You can listen to the mix Joel and Kevin created (that also includes my tracks) by clicking here

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