Video – Composition Tutorial (Joe Carrillo)

Vlog Composition – Joe Carrillo

This is a very good 11-part video series that takes an original composition from the initial development of the melody, to harmonization, through orchestration to creating the MIDI tracks and final mixing & mastering.

Joe Carrillo gives a very good look into his process of creating a short orchestral composition starting in front of his piano with blank sheet of staph paper. He takes the time to explain what he did and why he did it. You get to see, one step at a time how he used each instrument and the thought process behind it. I highly recommend watching the entire series.

Vlog – Composition 1 (Melody)
Vlog – Composition 2 (Harmony)
Vlog – Composition 3 (Arranging)
Vlog – Composition 4A (Orchestration: Strings)
Vlog – Composition 4B (Orchestration: Brass)
Vlog – Composition 4C (Orchestration : Woodwinds)
Vlog – Composition 4D (Orchestration: Percussion)
Vlog – Composition 5A (MIDI: Strings)
Vlog – Composition 5B (MIDI: Woodwinds)
Vlog – Composition 5C (MIDI Percussion)
Vlog – Composition 6 (Mixing and Mastering)
Vlog – Finished Composition (Return of the Champion)

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