I would like to thank the people who take the time to listen and comment when I publish a song for critique. It’s always appreciated. Here are just a few of those comments that I wanted to save:


I love the song. I think the collab added so much to it. I love the guitars and flutes. Very well positioned parts and well articulated. Excellent vocals. Wonderful song!!

by Starise on “When



Paul, I think you did a masterful job on the orchestral end of things. I’m no expert on these things, but I’ve dabbled enough to know what kind of work is involved and that paying attention to mixing up different articulations is key

by M57 on “Red Nose



Great collab.  The organ, drum and bass adds so much to this tune.  […] For me, though the organ is the real stand out in the additions. It gives it a great throwback feel. I liked it alot before.  Now I love it.

by GocartMoz on “Walk On Fire



I enjoyed it quite a lot, and being a lyricist mostly – I sometimes find it hard to enjoy even the best written piano pieces. I could listen to this song forever if it lasted that long. I think you complimented the piano extremely well, and if Gustavo wouldn’t have collaborated with you then I think he would be missing a major piece to his song overall

by mykalallen on “Playing With Autumn Leaves



This is a grandiosely visionary piece that is most demanding in all areas, performing, singing, production, orchestration, composition, and I applaud you for your courage and ability to execute it. A lovely listen, a profoundly profuse aural experience

by Jathon Delsy on “The Lighthouse